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Transcription Services

I’ve transcribed hours and hours of audio and video recordings. The transcripts are guaranteed to have a 98% or better rate of accuracy.  

There are several ways to send in your dictation:

Toll free phone recording system.  ​This method is popular for long-term accounts such as physician dictators. I offer a dial-in system where dictators can use an 800 number with an assigned user name and password and dictate over the phone.  

Recording and transferring digital voice files.  I can also transcribe digital voice files from multiple digital recorders such as Olympus, Sony, or Philips.  I can assist in setting this up from your computer.

Microcassette tapes.  I offer delivery and pick up within the Columbus, Ohio metro area at a billed courier rate.

Turnaround time will be dependent on volume and length of dictated material normally within 24 to 48 hours. Transcripts can be picked up, emailed, faxed or sent via courier to your location.

Electronic Health Records Compatibility - Partial Dictation For Physicians

As the use of EMR/EHR systems continues to become the standard record-keeping procedure in healthcare facilities everywhere, and I have come up with a solution to help providers who want the freedom to dictate parts of the patient encounter while using EHR. I'm now offering the capability of interfacing with your EHR system by inserting the dictated reports onto the EHR templates. The benefits of using the powerful capabilities of the EHR together with my transcription service results in capturing the patient narrative and keeping the providers happy while saving costs. The overall benefit of the combined solution is having a quality, accurate, complete medical record for your patients.  This is very important in quality care.

Please give me a call at (614) 539-0051, and I will be happy to discuss this in detail with you.
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Proofreading Services
My proofreading services helps to bring out the very best in your writing.  I will help you correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, linguistic errors, and format discrepancies such as line spacing, font continuity to make sure your document is letter perfect. 

My proofreading services are used by:

​Professors and students: Term papers, dissertations, theses, and essays.
Businesses: Memos, brochures, manuals, and promotional materials.
Authors: Manuscripts, plays, books, short stories, and screenplays.
Individuals: Cover letters, resumes, curriculum vitae, letters, and obituaries.

Word Processing, Spreadsheets and Presentation Services
I will help you finalize any legibly jotted down notes into a Microsoft Word document to create a professional document for your project.  I can also assist in creating an Excel spreadsheet using formulas to help you in your accounting or bookkeeping projects. For professional-looking presentations, I can help create Powerpoint presentations for your important meetings or seminars.